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Burns St. Bistro

We are open for weekday lunches from 10:30am to 2pm; brunch Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 1pm. (Menus below)

Our Beastro cart is ready for your mouths, click here to peep the all-new website with up to date menus and hours!

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Hello, Bistronauts! Please review the following before arrival as it pertains to the order of things at Burns St. Bistro during Phase II of Missoula’s re-opening. Comments and suggestions on how we can improve on our system are welcomed, but our staff and community’s well-being are our main priorities, this is not the venue to protest or argue the veracity of the COVID-19 pandemic, believe that.

We follow all sanitizing and disinfecting best practices as suggested by the CDC, FDA, and local health department. Front of house staff will be masked up. 

We no longer have any self-serve items, we ask that if you need something, you contact your server rather than getting up and moving around: we gotchu! Don’t hesitate to wear your mask when you’re not eating, we ain’t here to judge, or are we…

Important: INISIDE THE RESTAURANT, SEATING IS FOR PARTIES OF FOUR OR LESS PER TABLE AT THIS TIME. If you arrive with six people, we ask that you sit outside or at separate tables.

Let’s have lunch and/or brunch:

  1. Please social distance when you line-up outside of the front door. This door is for entering only. The line will wrap around the north side of the building toward the parking lot. (During inclement weather we will take your number and call you when a table is ready.) 
  2. We have 12 tables inside and six outside (69% capacity). Please don't crowd the front door. If the line looks backed up, continue to wait outside.
  3.  We have two coffee options at this time: Cold brew and 16oz black coffee. We also have mimosas as well as a limited number of beers and non-alcoholic drinks, as well. 
  4. Upon payment–cards only, no cash at this time–indoor customers will exit via the south-facing side doors and the patio. 
  5. Please do not bus your own table. Exit at the side, south-facing door. 

Thanks for reading! We know this is weird, hard, a bit knotty, over the top, etc. but that’s a pretty good description of this restaurant anyway so we’re rolling with it. And undoubtedly, we forgot one thing and many others, or we may change it all at noon, so please arrive with patience, courtesy, and a full stoke. 

Brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday, 9AM to 1PM.

SHANGHAI NOON (East meets Tex Mex)

  • Two tostadas: smoked cauliflower w/ cilantro, pickled red onions, crumbled sesame pepita brittle, hoisin drizzle, on crispy tortillas topped w/ two sunny eggs 12

  • Korean pulled pork torta: smoked pork, ssamjang sauce, pickled jalapeño shave purple cabbage, cilantro, black bean spread on bolillo roll w/ 5-spice tortilla chips 13

  • Asian Barbacoa Bowl: Chinese braised beef., cilantro lime slaw, guacamole, Chinese chile crisp, pickled red onions & jalapeños, sunny egg over rice 14

  • 5-spice Chocolate Cake w ginger buttercream frosting. 4.50

Right Side of The Board

Brunch Burger, ‹local beef burger, with cheddar, egg and candied bacon. Served with fries. 11.
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, ‹house specialty. 5.50
Huevos Rancheros, sunny side up eggs served on top of tomato-chili sauce w corn tortillas. 9.
Biscuit Sandwich, ‹made with your choice of cheese and an over-easy egg. 3. Add bacon, 1.
Veggie Browns, ‹potatoes, Brussels sprouts, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, four cheeses and an over-easy egg. 8.

Weekday Lunch Menu

  • Ament: Pho sausage w hard fried egg, mushroom pate, aioli, pickled carrot & cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno on french roll 8

  • Scott: Candied bacon BLT on white bread with aioli, greens and tomato 9

  • Gladstone: Turkey on oat bread with fresh mozzarella, ratatouille jam, basil, arugula and aioli 9

  • Carvey: Crispy cauliflower with pepita-mushroom spread, avocado, pickled jalapeno, shaved cabbage and lime veganaise on french roll 9

  • Watts: Hot roast beef on white bread w beer cheese spread, pepper relish and sliced red onion 10

  • Williams: Tuna salad w pickled celery & asparagus, walnuts, greens, red onion on oat bread 9

Burgers. W/Fries

  • Burns: Hand-pattied local beef burger w choice of cheese, greens, tomato, pickles and red onion 13. Cheddar, gouda, pepperjack, provolone or American.

  • Pride: Spiced patty, pepperjack cheese, cabbage, cilantro, lime aioli and avocado 14

  • Knievel: beef & pork patty flattened and seared with American cheese, pepper relish, pickles, aioli and iceberg 13


  • House: Greens, tomato, cucumber and red onion with choice of dressing. Sm 3/Lg 5. Dressings: grapefruit vin, red wine vin, blue cheese.

  • Albini: Fried cauliflower over iceberg with vegetable jam, bacon crumbles, pickled carrots & cucumber, sunflower seeds and blue cheese dressing 10. Hold the bacon (vegetarian) 8

  • Loy: Smoked trout w arugula, lentils, marinated fennel, grapefruit vinaigrette and saffron aioli 11 Hold the trout (vegetarian) 8

Sides: Fries sm 3/lg 5 Add bacon 2.


Baker and owner/partner Vanilla Thunder was featured in the Missoulian as "Monday's Montanan"  a few weeks back. What a dreamboat!

Thank you, Missoula Independent readers for treating us so well in the annual Best of Missoula poll! We won Best Brunch, Best Chefs (Ryan Smtih and Walker Hunter), Best Barista (Racquelle!), and our food cart, Beastro, was victorious as well in the mobile food division, not to mention we placed in the Best Caterer and Family-Friendly Restaurant categories. We hope to continue being one of your faves, MSO!

Did you know we were on the Food Network with a bunch of other Missoula joints? Check out I Hart Food with internet sensation, Hannah Hart.

Hey, we won Best Brunch, Best Chef(s), and Best Caterer in the 2017 Best of Missoula readers' poll. Thanks, Bistronauts!

Hear owner and Chef Walker Hunter talk about doing it right on the Jamie and Travis Present podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/walker-hunter/id1174120153?i=1000379187098&mt=2

Book your party with us. We have the beer and wine, the food, and the space. We'll take care of you and your friends/family/co-workers/frenemies/associates. Contact Chef Walker Hunter for details at burnsstbistro@gmail.com.

Nestled between trailers and train; Plant Perks and Western Montana Grower's Co-op, Burns St. offers at least 20 new menu items per week, and a special kind of dining experience everyday.

Our Hours

Monday through Friday 10:30AM to 2PM.
Saturdays and Sundays, 9AM to 1PM.

Contact Information

Phone: 406.543.0719
Address: 1500 Burns St. Missoula, MT 59802

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Three years ago four morons in a yurt high in the Swan Range came up with a real bad idea: a restaurant on Missoula's Westside. So armed with a Panini press, a soup cooker, and a whole lot of moxie, BSB came to be. While we've left the Panini press behind (RIP), we continue to work with the same energy we had at the beginning. Always learning and ever expanding, we expect to remain a stalwart of Westside for years to come.


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