Food Catering

From BBQ to haute cuisine to beer and wine, Burns St. Bistro's catering menu will make your wedding or event even more memorable. Our award winning slow-cooked meats and creative, classic sides are the perfect companion to your Montana-styled celebration, or draw from our chef's table of fine dining options, tailored to fit your tastes and budget. Please see the sample menu and get in contact with Chef Walker Hunter to discuss your upcoming event. E-mail:

Luncheon Catering Menus

All prices are per head and include compostable plates, napkins and servingware.

Sandwich Platters

Chef’s choice sandwiches.  A variety of meats and veggie sandwiches on house baked bread.  Gluten free available by request. With Chips. 10

Pulled Pork Sandwich Feed. Our slow-smoked BBQ pulled pork with buns, slaw, mustard sauce and chips. 13

Chili Bar. Slow-cooked beef chili with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, pickled jalapeno, cilantro, chopped onion, hot sauce and sour cream. 13

Soup & Salad Bar. Green salad w. Seasonal vegetables & red wine vinaigrette.  Two soups including one meat stew and one vegetarian option.  Chef’s choice, though we’re open to requests or suggestions. With house baked bread and butter. 13

Taco Bar Lunch. Smoked chicken & seasoned ground beef with hard corn and soft flour shells, marinated black beans, cotija, house salsa, chopped onion, cilantro, sour cream.  With green salad and cilantro lime vinaigrette. 16

Additional Sides Available. 

BBQ Catering Menu

All menus include compostable plates, napkins, silverware and full service buffet catering.  Drop off and pick up discounts available. Contact Walker at 540-2627 for more information.

Please see a la carte menu for non-BBQ side substitutions and appetizer options.


All Meats are Hand Rubbed, Slow-Cooked and Served w. Homemade Red & Mustard BBQ Sauces.

Pulled Pork 9.

Pulled Chicken. 9

Jerk-rubbed Chicken Thighs. 9

Smoked Andouille Sausages. 11

Beef Brisket. 13

Baby Back Pork Ribs. 13


Potato Salad. 3

Macaroni Salad. 3

Mac N’ Cheese. 3

Braised Greens. 3

Cole Slaw. 3

Corn Bread w. Honey Butter. 1

Pulled Pork Feed - Slow cooked pork with slaw, cornbread and choice of one side. 14

Two-Meat Combination Baskets – Additional Combinations are Available by Request

Either Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or Jerk Chicken Thigh w. Two Sides & Cornbread. 16

Either Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or Jerk Chicken Thigh w. Either Brisket, Ribs or Andouille, Two Sides & Cornbread. 20

Catering Banquet Menus

All prices are per person.

Appetizer Trio - Smoked salmon spread w. House crackers & pickled onion, pita & hummus crudite w. roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts & feta and cured meat & cheese platter w. seasonal fruit chutney. 12

Soup & Salad - Choice of meat and vegetarian soup w. green salad, red wine vinaigrette and rustic bread & butter. 12

Taco Bar Dinner - Crisp tortillas w. seasoned beef & chicken, bean salad, green salad w. cilantro lime vinaigrette.  Includes chips & salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cotija cheese, pickled jalapenos and cilantro. 18

Cajun Table - Spicy smoked chicken, andouille sausage, remoulade sauce, cheesey baked grits, vinegar braised greens, smoked jalapeno cornbread.  With pimiento cheese & house crackers. 23

Korean BBQ - Slow-cooked meats w. choice of brown or white rice, kimchi, banchan pickled vegetables, ssamjang BBQ sauce, sesame wilted spinach and bean sprouts. With Korean chile pork, marinated chicken 16. Substitute bulgogi beef brisket for 4.

French Countryside - Crispy chicken thigh w. garlic persillade, white wine braised pork, country white bean salad, green salad w. red wine vinaigrette & bleu cheese and artichoke hearts. Appetizer of cured meat & cheese plate. 30

Prices include service, compostable plates flatware and bussing.  18% gratuity will be assessed. Glasses, porcelain plates and linen napkins are available at additional cost.  

Brunch Catering Menu

All prices are per person.  

Biscuits & sausage gravy. 5.50

Veggie browns. 9

Candied bacon. 2

Cheesey potato bake. 4

Fruit cocktail skewers. 3

Mini sausage on a stick w. saurkraut sauce. 5

Meat & cheese platter. 6

Smoked salmon cream cheese spread on bagel chips w. pickled onion. 4

Strawberry watermelon shooters. 3

Mini quiche lorraine. 4

Assorted pastries, sweet & savory. 3

A la Carte Catering Menu

All prices are per person.

Appetizers/Small Bites

Herbed mascarpone crostini w. marinated tomato. 3

Caprese skewers w. Cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil & balsamic. 4

Mushrooms stuffed w. cheese & herbs. 4

Smoked Salmon spread w. house lavash crackers & pickled onion. 4

Pita & hummus crudite w. fresh vegetables, tahini dipping sauce. 4

Cheese plate.  Assorted cheeses w. house baguette and fruit chutney. 4

Meat & Cheese plate.  Cured meats and cheeses w. house baguette and fruit chutney. 6


Herb Rubbed pork loin stuffed w. fruit chutney. 10

White wine braised chicken thigh. 10

Prime Rib.  Slow roasted w. jus and horseradish. 24


White bean salad. 3

Panzanella salad. 3

Green salad w. balsamic dressing. 3

Mashed potatoes. 3

Braised kale. 3

Grain salad w. fresh vegetables & herbs. 3

Potato Gratin - Potatoes layered w. cheese and cream. 4


Citrus Cheesecake w. Seasonal Berry Sauce. 4

Classic Bistro Seasonal Fruit Shortcake w. Whipped Lemon Cream. 5

Cookie platter.  Baker’s choice.  2

BSB Catering Additional Fees

Burns St. Catering services includes in the prices listed all food, buffet tables w. Linens, serving utensils, staffing, bussing service, silverware, paper napkins and your choice of compostable plates and/or baskets.  The following are fees assessed in addition to the listed prices.

Gratuity: 20% of food bill.

Travel fees: Dependent on distance.

Plates: .75/head.

Wine glasses: .50/head.

Pint glasses: .50/head.

Linen napkins: 1.00/head.



Beer and Wine Catering

We now have beer and wine catering for your large or small events offering a variety of beverages to fit your event’s needs as well as a professional staff who strive to make your event fun, hassle-free, and safe. Contact Chef Walker Hunter at to set up a consult for a quote tailored to your tastes and budget.

BSB Beer & Wine Catering Services:

Cash Bar–

  • 50 people or less - $100 staffing fee
  • Over 50 - $200 staffing fee
  • Gratuity optional per patron via tip jar

Beverage options–

Wine: Renegade Pinot Noir, Bicicletta Pinot Gris & La Mascherra Prosecco

Beer (Choice of two)

Kettlehouse: Eddy Out, Cold Smoke, Double Haul

Draughtworks: Cream Ale, My Ruca Pale

Philipsburg Brewing: Otter Water Sessions Ale, Tramway Rye

Big Sky:  Summer Honey

Cider: Western Cider Dry Hopped or Classic



Specialty Drinks (may add additional cost):



Red Beer Bar

Sake Bloody Mary Bar